Using the template of Austin’s successful “Community First” tiny house village in Austin, Texas, our“Phase III” goal is to develop a multiple-unit plot complete with urban gardening, a central communal space, and a diverse set of supportive services.

Our tiny house community will provide folks a way out of the vicious cycle of chronic homelessness. On-site support services for mental and physical health challenges, as well as job training, will combine with gardening and carpentry opportunities to help build confidence and prepare folks for a healthier, more stable life.

Tiny homes allow for greater density of living while providing independent, personalized living spaces in an interactive community that invites its residents to spend time outdoors. Unlike shelters, which are often unsafe and rife with theft, or housing complexes, which are Impersonal and isolating, our community brings together its residents with objective-based activities and chance interactions in communal spaces.

There is so much available residential space in Los Angeles. With the increasingly alarming
number of homeless in the city, using this space to not only house but elevate those struggling with chronic homelessness only makes sense.

We are currently searching for partners to make this goal a reality here in Los Angeles. If you can help, please contact me here, I'd love to speak with you!

Image depicts a cooperatively built tiny village for the homeless in Seattle, Washington, and was published on Seattle's Child.

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