Our goal is to inspire people to reconsider the possibilities of micro-living space on available land in the city. Kicking off a scholarship program to house homeless college students and recent graduates is in the planning stages. In general, portable micro-dwellings helps folks strengthen their communities—and their pocketbooks—by putting porta homes on available backyard and open residential space.

Here is what we know so far, what we hope to learn through the course of the tour, and how we want to implement real-world solutions:

  • Porta home residents will benefit from access to affordable housing in proximity to schools and jobs. 

  • Residents who own their porta homes finally have equity in their living space.

  • Landowners will benefit from low-impact, zero-maintenance tenants on underutilized land space.

  • Landowners will be given a new path to rental income--or tax write-offs.

  • The concept fills a "sharing economy" gap in the rental market, like Air Bnb, except our solution creates affordable housing instead of vacation rentals.

  • Touring the prototype porta home helps us pilot solutions of affordability, self-containment, legislative gray areas, and unfair lifestyle perceptions.

  • Our ultimate charitable goal is to fund a “scholarship” program, providing free homes to qualifying renters and matching them with landowners near the centers of their livelihood.

  • As an approach to housing, mobile micro-dwellings ensure fewer people fall into homelessness because of lack of adequate affordable housing options.

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