Project Preview: Visiting the Warehouse

August 1, 2016


With our project coming up, my team members and I took the trip to South Los Angeles to preview a brand new PolyJohn We'll Care III, the unit we'll be converting into a tiny home. 


My entourage included Sun, our project producer, and Michael, my Project Planner and right-hand man. The folks at the warehouse were amazing, giving us the run of the place for a bit and letting us shoot some footage of the unit. The greatest takeaway was confirming the viability of the unit as a living space. 


Translation: Yes, I can lay down in it.


We were later joined by Lori, our Pay It Forward executive partner and Tony, our resident urban gardener. And followed up by Tada, our architect. All of whom scouted the structural integrity of the porta potty and got some ideas flowing for implementing the concept in the flesh.


We'll soon be purchasing a unit just like this. (Maybe in green...) The company has given us the go-ahead to order a stripped-down version, excluding all interior elements and including a separate shower structure to sit on the trailer.


Stay tuned for more details on the design and the upcoming delivery!


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