The Porta Potty's Here!

November 1, 2016

 Oooh, what do we have here...?


It was a little like Christmas morning. 


There was no tree, no family hearth, and it was about 97 degrees outside, but the unveiling was no less exciting. Because when Kelly and Victor arrived with their flatbed trailing behind their diesel truck, I knew the project was coming to life.


Rarely is anyone so excited to see a porta potty. 


Getting my hands on a PolyJohn We'll Care III was over a year in the making, with the past few months dedicated to strategizing the best way to secure one. After a series of conversations with folks from various branches, we were led to their Indiana headquarters where Steve helped ensure our dream would become a reality. With Lori at Pay It Forward managing the logistics and providing a storage location, our project was suddenly underway. 


Victor, a man of incredible strength, unloads the oversized unit by hand--without help.


So what now?


First of all, we just have to keep stray potential "users" out of it. (We ordered ours gutted on the inside--no railings and no toilet.)


Well, quite a bit. It's not like we begin construction immediately. We're planning a design meeting with our hands-on staff soon, connecting the ideas that Tada and I have been discussing with the building experts. Those meetings will focus the direction of a plywood prototype before we dive into actual construction. And, of course, the fundraising for the project continues. 


Getting the unit in our hands is a major victory. And we're looking forward to turning the porta potty into a stunning living space over the next few months. 


Meanwhile, I just hope no one stumbles in and tries to "use" it...







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