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March 1, 2018

The porta-home is coming to life. 


While time to blog about progress is at a premium, we are proud to report that the steel frame is being erected, representing a major step forward in the realization of our full-scale vision for the prototype. 


Photo Credit: Dalton Gaudin, 2018 


There have been obstacles to progress thus far, not least of all the premium of space at our site, DTAtelier in downtown Los Angeles, where management has been incomparably accommodating. Construction has taken place in their outdoor courtyard, a thoroughfare for resident loading and gathering space for events, meaning we have gotten used to having to car the trailer back and forth, by hand, wedging the 18-footer in places I never guessed it would fit. I guess this is great practice for wheeling into future backyards...


Photo Credit: Dalton Gaudin, 2018 


Much of the labor on the project has been donated as volunteer or discounted man hours, with our lead builder Nate Steigenga leading the charge. Despite the valiant effort of all involved, the reality of leading a charity build is that our work is sometimes delayed or interrupted by folks taking other work to pay their bills. We've taken the delays in stride, grateful for the helpings hands chipping in along the way. 


Photo Credit: Dalton Gaudin, 2018. 


Our goal is to have the prototype completed by the end of March--at least the unit's primary shell and features. That goal seems within reach, with architect Tada Ryvola's design efforts providing our team an impeccable path to fabrication. 


 Photo Credit: Tiago Liko, 2018


More in-depth construction updates can be found on our Instagram page @ourbackyardhomes, as well as on my Instagram @Devine_Diaries. Thanks for your follows and support!



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