The Porta-Home Hits the Road

August 3, 2018


The trip to Colorado began with a goodbye. The end of TK's summer residency on the San Fernando Valley backyard was bittersweet, with a welcoming family softening the blow of the sweltering summer heat. Hitting the road was a welcome escape. 


But it was not without its drawbacks. 


The porta-home was designed for local travel, not cross-country. The long stretches of high-speed driving strained our canvas cover, tearing holes in vulnerable areas and exposing gaps in airflow restriction points. What resulted was, at times, a billowing mess. 


The canvas held up for several hours, but sometime beyond Vegas it became apparent that the installed buttons alone wouldn't fully secure the material. Our solution--or TK's solution, as he was driving alone--was to horizontally ratchet-strap the canvas cover to keep it from becoming a marauding parachute. And to roll up the most exposed section, which seemed to suffer most from the heavy wind resistance. 



It's no wonder conestoga wagons were outfitted with covers stretched from side to side, over the top of a scaffolded frame. Aside from limiting water leaks, this continuous covering is likely more effective against unwanted entry of wind. Lesson learned for the next porta-home version.



Yet the soft-walled exterior still managed to shine. Rolling up the canvas to reveal the exterior kitchen afforded the breeziest panoramic views imaginable. We intended for our outdoor kitchen to inspire residents. Parked outside of Moab (pictured above), the benefits are apparent. 


TK rolled into Colorado Springs after 3 days of continuous travel. The trip brought our porta-home through the deserts and forests and up to America's highest interstate, eclipsing 10,000 feet. Not bad for a DIY trailer built by a rag-tag group of do-gooders. While we won't be taking the porta-home cross-country again any time soon, we're grateful for the lessons on how to make the next one that much better. 


Meanwhile, we're wishing ourselves bon apetite with a homecooked meal and the view of our choice. 





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