The design goal is to balance sustainability, functionality, aesthetics and affordability. Using sophisticated methods of water, power, and waste management, my team and I are toeing the line between innovation and expense to solve the housing crisis in an authoritative way.

The unit features a trellised trailer, with its second-level garden providing the dwelling with shade, a functioning food source, and a touch of natural decor. This is a veritable micro-property, with separate living and bathroom quarters and a lower-level exterior “porch” space for leisure and dining. Each portion of the dwelling employs a creative use of space, where components serve multiple purposes and folding surfaces conceal storage compartments and structural piping contains water diversion and wiring.

Merging economy with functionality is our goal, testing and solving design flaws while adding sustainable elements to both beautify and act as a purposeful garden. And, of course, to present an aesthetically striking space to woo the curious viewer into considering small-space living as a viable solution for our city's most vulnerable residents.

PO Box 642780
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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